Bloomverse Raises The Bar On Twitter By Gamifying Information

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With NFT and Metaverse projects prolifically promoting themselves on Twitter, Solana Based crypto game Bloomverse has come to up the ante in consumer engagement dynamics.

“50 Sol Giveaway Tournament,” a 12 day spree of tweets, mysteries, hidden images, and even morse code resulted in a lucky community member unlocking a wallet containing 50 Solana (around 2,000 USD) after thousands of participants interacted daily in their feed. This is just one example of what the gaming platform has been doing to engage with NFT and gaming enthusiasts. 

Bloomverse created an online arcade specifically meant for PC Twitter and Discord followers where they can compete for daily high scores and prizes.

Bloomverse’s actions on Twitter doesn’t come as a total surprise. The ambitious and innovative project is all about gamifying online experiences, specifically marketing.

Building mini-games and spaces for retailers, content creators, and service providers, Bloomverse will be based around businesses leasing out commercial space in this metaverse and having players interact with brands through games instead of ads.

As players get to know brands and products in Bloomverse through “levels,” Bloomverse plans to cycle this marketing revenue back into the ecosystem as player rewards, making it a win-win for businesses and participants.

“It’s basically an exciting video game that has a virtual mall inside where you can buy real products with your crypto,” explained Jessica Jaquez, CMO of Bloomverse Studio LLC based out of Nevada, USA.

Being a project set out to bridge the gap between people earning crypto in web3 and people spending their crypto in web3 all through advanced gamification, it was only natural for Bloomverse to turn Tweets into a game.

With their BFF NFT collection minting July 30th, we can’t wait to see what exciting new trends Bloomverse has in store. They have already changed the game in Twitter promotion strategies, will they do the same with online shopping and crypto gaming?

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