dHEDGE Brings The Best Of Both Worlds In Active And Automated Asset Management To The Masses

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Younger generations have been leading the charge toward mainstream crypto and DeFi adoption, and the numbers don’t lie. But with so much information available at all times, the rabbit hole of DeFi can turn off a more casual investor. Without proper education and guidance in an incredibly volatile field, those with a passive interest in investment will likely steer away from exploring the world of decentralized finance.

For the demographics spearheading this shift, convenience, personalization, and easy navigation are a big priority when it comes to tech experiences. These priorities turn even more important when you throw into the mix finance built on a complex technological foundation. As more apps, services, and protocols attempt to woo prospective investors to start their crypto journey with them, it’s important to highlight platforms at the forefront of flexibility.

dHEDGE is an all-encompassing platform for digital-asset management, created for investors and managers seeking convenience and expertise. The platform pairs investors with savvy asset managers, adding a refreshing human touch to balance out automated-investment strategies seen on other DeFi platforms or aggregators.

Unlike other user-friendly DeFi platforms, which may sacrifice in-depth financial tools and analytics for the sake of convenience, dHEDGE’s interface allows investors and managers to use the same toolbox to oversee their digital assets. Within the platform, users can trade synthetic crypto, FX, commodities, and equities through the Synthetix zero-slippage model. With access to a wide assortment of Ethereum-based blockchains like Optimism and Polygon, users can choose the best network that suits their needs.

If all of that sounds too complicated for the average investor, dHEDGE utilizes a Sortino ratio-based rating to pair investors with asset managers. This rating allows people to select an asset manager that fits their needs and foster a real connection with an expert to manage their digital asset portfolio. For a DeFi novice, this adds a safety net to guide them along their crypto journey with a trusted advisor.

The social management grants investors the versatility and user-friendliness they need while enabling managers to set a flat rate for their services, avoiding the steep fees that can be associated with traditional management.  dHEDGE aggregates celebrated protocols like Uniswap, 1inch, and AAVE, making them all available through a single interface for asset managers to work in the most effective way possible.

Toros is the latest major feature launched by dHEDGE, an incubated protocol built for the Polygon blockchain. Though powered by dHEDGE and operating within its platform, Toros is a standalone protocol that unlocks maximized inflation hedging, yield, and liquidity capabilities for the wider Polygon ecosystem. The protocol serves as an extension of the services already available to managers as a way to boost effectiveness and flexibility. Toros is comprised of three vaults and includes a diverse toolbox that brings capabilities previously exclusive to asset managers to a new investor-friendly interface.

Entering the DeFi realm can be intimidating, and finding a trustworthy asset manager to oversee your investments is an ordeal that only adds to the stress. For projects and protocols looking to get more of the public on board with crypto and decentralized banking, creating a complicated or intense user experience is hardly a good way to appeal to a wide audience.

With dHEDGE, both amateurs and veterans of crypto and DeFi can utilize the same toolkit to be ahead of the game. Creating a platform that unlocks the potential of DeFi through both automated and active asset management offers the perks of both strategies for all users to explore the benefits of decentralization.

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