Introducing Social Profiles for Meta’s AIs

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Today during Connect, we introduced new AI experiences across our family of apps and devices, including testing 28 AIs with unique interests and personalities for you to interact with and dive deeper into your interests. While we’re rolling out the ability for you to interact directly with these AIs via our messaging platforms, we’re also launching their social profiles on Facebook and Instagram today so you can follow them and get to know what they’re all about.

Many of these profile pictures look familiar because we partnered with well known public figures to embody some of these AIs – but these familiar faces are representing the characters, not themselves. The public-facing social profiles and related visual content creation is managed by Meta. When we generate images for social posts using AI, you’ll see #ImaginedWithAI on the post along with a watermark on the lower left hand corner of the image.

If you are part of the beta product rollout in the U.S., you’ll be able to interact with the AIs directly from their social profiles by sending them a message on Instagram or Messenger. The AIs’ responses to your direct messages are generated by Meta’s AI technology. 

Learn more about these AIs and other AI experiences we recently announced.

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