New Web3 game “Apeiron” coming to Sky Mavis’ Ronin chain

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Partnered with game developer Fooni Magus

Sky Mavis, the development studio famous for the blockchain game “Axie Infinity,” announced on the 6th a partnership with Singapore-based game development company Fooni Magus.

With this, Fooni Magus’ new game title “Apeiron” is planned to be deployed on Sky Mavis’ own blockchain “Ronin”. The company plans to migrate to Ronin as early as December. A demo version is also available for download on the Epic Game Store.

Sky Mavis significantly upgraded its Ronin blockchain in March. The company announced that it is expanding the Ronin ecosystem by partnering with five game studios. At the time, Ronin stated that it aims to be a “launchpad for compelling Web3 games.”

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Trung Nguyen, CEO and co-founder of Sky Mavis, commented:

Sky Mavis aims to be the place of choice for building and growing Web3 games.

Foonie Magus has released over 140 game titles and has been involved in both Web2 and Web3 games for decades.

We think Apeiron is a natural evolution for the Ronin community, with its strong IP (intellectual property) and playstyle similar to Axie Infinity.

Fooni Magnus is a Singapore-based game development studio founded in 2021. In addition to “Aperion,” the company also develops “Acid Rain World,” a game that depicts a dystopian world.

What is Web3?

The current centralized web is defined as Web2, and refers to an attempt to realize a decentralized network using blockchain, etc. Typical features include use cases for decentralized networks such as blockchain, such as accessing dApps using virtual currency wallets.

▶Virtual currency glossary

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What is the NFT game “Apeiron”?

Apeiron is currently in beta and aims to release as a mobile game in early 2024.

The game involves fighting in a grid-based dungeon while wielding supernatural, god-like powers, with elements of card battles.

Combining multiple game genres into one, players can enjoy various aspects such as growing their planet, controlling giant avatars in battle, and collecting NFT (non-fungible token) cards. .

Apeiron has four NFT collections: Planets, Origins, Godiverse (Artifacts), and Stars, which will also be available on Sky Mavis’ Mavis Market after Apeiron transitions to the Ronin chain.

iOS version of “Axie Infinity: Origins”

In May, the iOS version of Sky Mavis’ popular blockchain game “Axie Infinity: Origins” was posted on the Apple App Store in some regions.

This is the first time that Apple has allowed the use of NFTs purchased externally.

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