Oasys partners with Kakao Games subsidiary METABORA SG to strengthen presence in Korean gaming market

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Aiming to expand business in Korea

On the 22nd, gaming-specific blockchain Oasys announced that it has entered into a partnership with METABORA SG, a subsidiary of Kakao Games, a major Korean gaming company. We will strengthen our presence in the Korean game market.

The company plans to explore the creation of killer content in collaboration with METABORA SG, which develops blockchain games using premium IP. It is part of the Oasys Dragon Update 2024 vision, which has three pillars: interoperability, ecosystem, and killer content.

Kakao Games is one of the leading online and mobile game publishers, and is also expanding its business into blockchain games.

Its subsidiary, METABORA SG, is a company that focuses on deploying platforms that utilize blockchain technology and developing blockchain games.

The portfolio of METABORA, the company's parent company, also includes game titles based on IP (intellectual property) such as “Friends Popcorn'' and “Friends Town.''

Dominic Jang, head of business development at Oasys, commented, “Our partnership with METABORA SG is an important step toward further business development in Korea.''

We are very happy to partner with METABORA SG, which shares our vision of revolutionizing the gaming industry using blockchain technology.

Vincent Lim, chief branding officer of METABORA SG, said the following, citing statista's predictions about the Japanese game market.

Oasys is known for its deep integration with major Japanese gaming companies, many of which are already part of the Oasys ecosystem as validators.

Additionally, Japan is one of the world's largest gaming markets, with 42.5% of the population being active gamers, and that number expected to increase to 48.2% by 2028.

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In addition to Korea, we are also expanding into Greater China

Oasys also entered into a partnership with South Korean cocoa subsidiary GroundX in September last year. Developers using Oasys can now integrate Klip in response to the development kit for the virtual currency wallet Klip provided by GroundX.

In South Korea, major crypto asset (virtual currency) exchange Bithumb listed Oasys' token OAS in March last year.

Oasys signs partnership with South Korean Kakao subsidiary GroundX, compatible with Klip wallet SDK available on KakaoTalk

In addition to South Korea, Oasys is accelerating its expansion into the Greater China market. In January of this year, we entered into a partnership with Pacific Meta Co., Ltd., a Web3 consulting firm with strengths in Greater China.

Game-specific blockchain Oasys accelerates expansion into Greater China Strategic alliance with Pacific Meta

Regarding Web3 games in general, virtual currency research firm Delphi Digital estimates that there is currently a lot of room for growth, and 2024 is likely to be a promising year.

High expectations for the Web3 game industry in 2024 = Delphi Digital report

What is Web3?

The current centralized web is defined as Web2, and refers to an attempt to realize a decentralized network using blockchain, etc. Typical features include use cases for decentralized networks such as blockchain, such as accessing dApps using virtual currency wallets.

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