Ripple Price Prediction: XRP Price Poised  For 120% Surge If This Happens

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Ripple Price Prediction

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In a recent market evaluation, analyst AlanSantana shed light on the potential future of XRP, foreseeing a notable surge that could reach between 85% to 120%, relying on various corrective paths.

Dip & Lift for XRP 

While the broader crypto market witnessed considerable upswings, XRP experienced a brief deceleration in its growth over the past week, prompting discussions within the community. Santana, however, maintains an optimistic outlook, envisioning a landscape that combines a bullish trend and wave, setting the stage for upward price movements.

In Santana’s analysis, he pointed out the likelihood of a standard retracement but argued that the current market conditions hinted at a pattern of temporary price decreases preceding eventual higher highs.

Observing a decline in XRP’s trade volume since July, coupled with the emergence of a triangle-top pattern, Santana emphasized the historical resilience of XRP, showcasing a tendency to defy traditional market patterns.

XRP Poised For 85% or 120%

Looking ahead to the next six months, Santana projected a potential challenge for XRP, targeting the high range between $0.73 and $0.94. With a bullish bias, XRP could ascend to trade in this range, potentially marking a surge ranging from 85% to 120%, depending on the corrective path it takes.

Santana introduced two hypothetical retracement paths. The first, depicted in blue, outlines a scenario where XRP drops to the $0.51 region before bouncing back with an 85% surge from the current price.

On the other hand, the second correction path, illustrated in red, envisions a dip for XRP to the $0.43 region, followed by a subsequent rally of 120% from the current price.

XRP’s Long-Term Outlook

While Santana hinted at a long-term target of around $5 based on past calculations, he emphasized the intricate nature of predicting cryptocurrency markets. Unforeseen developments, particularly within the context of a potential super-cycle, add complexity to forecasting.

In recent short-term movements, XRP marked a 1.73% increase in the last 24 hours, currently priced at $0.6221. Notably, the asset witnessed a substantial 42% spike in 24-hour trade volume, reaching $2,001,370,458, indicating heightened market demand.

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