$SOL Downside Target $80 as Market Slides; $GFOX Rallies on News of Retail Launch

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$SOL, one of the best cryptocurrencies in the crypto world with great fundamentals, has been on a steady decline lately despite witnessing a massive bullish impulse late last year. Analysts have even predicted the token may trade for as low as $80 soon. Meanwhile, positive news about the imminent retail launch of Galaxy Fox continues to make waves in the industry. As a result, experts keep recommending it to anyone looking for a good crypto to buy for immediate and long-term gains.

$SOL Faces Downward Slide After December Surge: Technicals Point to $75 Target

$SOL capitalized significantly on the crypto market rally triggered by the Bitcoin ETF saga by rising to $125.19 on December 25 2023, as per CoinMarketCap data. However, it dropped by over 33% afterward to $82.66 within 30 days as investors started taking profits by selling the token.

Santiment, a platform for tracking cryptocurrency data, revealed that $SOL investors in the derivative market appear to be closing their trades as they expect the token to continue its downtrend. Moreover, Santiment’s open interest data, which tracks the real-time value of all active derivatives contracts for a particular cryptocurrency, revealed that $SOL’s open interest was down to $226 million in mid-January.

Although $SOL has recently increased to $100, insights from the derivatives and market data mentioned earlier, indicate that $SOL’s price will likely dipped further potentially trading at $75 in days to come.

Excitement Builds as Galaxy Fox Nears Retail Launch with Only 2 Presale Stages Left

Interestingly, Galaxy Fox has two stages left in its presale before its highly anticipated retail launch; the demand for its token also increases as more crypto enthusiasts invest in it. Galaxy’s Fox’s utility cuts across various aspects of the crypto industry, including NFTs, Play-to-Earn (P2E), Staking, and many more, and anyone who invests in it gets to enjoy these utilities when it launches. Moreover, its token has the potential to grow remarkably, returning incredible gains for its investors. 

In the P2E gaming aspect, Galaxy Fox runs a web3 game, which uses $GFOX tokens to reward top players. The game also includes NFTs with unique characteristics and strengths for players to buy to gain a competitive advantage. The platform will also reward players in the top 20% of the leaderboard at the end of each gaming season.

Galaxy Fox plans to release 3000 unique NFTs into the landscape, which can be minted directly from the platform’s official website. The platform also aims to launch an NFT marketplace featuring all Galaxy Fox NFTs for trading.   

Galaxy Fox will also allow token staking on its platform to specifically reward investors who prove their loyalty to the platform by holding its token long-term. The rewards to be given to them when they stake their $GFOX tokens will come from Galaxy Fox Stargate, the platform’s reward distribution hub. 

Those who joined Galaxy Fox presale at earlier stages are already enjoying significant investment returns. They will also realize more gains as the token progresses into stages 9 and 10 and eventually launches. 

At a presale price of $0.002178 in the current stage, investors anticipate its next rally, which will yield about 9% ROI for them when the presale proceeds to stage 9. More interestingly, they expect $GFOX’s value to skyrocket after launch as the pressure to buy the token among crypto enthusiasts keeps mounting. 

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Prediction by technical analysis that $SOL might drop to $75-$80 shows the danger of buying the token at this moment. Thus the safer and better option for now is Galaxy Fox, which is establishing itself as a significant player in the cryptocurrency market, yet still in the early stages with a much smaller market cap – which means far more room for growth and profits.

Galaxy Fox is about to launch on retail soon. Join the presale today and get a 15% discount! Visit the website and join the telegram community for more updates.

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