SpacePay Presale Goes Viral: Why Investors Are Flocking to this Award-winning Crypto Payment Solution

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Cryptocurrencies have long been hailed as groundbreaking. But they fall short of earning the title of ‘currency’. Their use in everyday transactions remains a puzzle. Or so we thought. SpacePay (SPY) is a revolutionary crypto payment solution that makes the use of crypto for daily needs possible.

Whether it’s groceries or clothes, you can soon start to shop using cryptocurrencies.

Accessible, Usable, and Affordable

Cryptocurrencies have been making their way into more and more investment portfolios over the years. But it’s almost impossible to make payments using them. 

Although merchants would like to penetrate the new gen investors, the technical complexity that accompanies crypto integration stops them. Besides, the high volatility of cryptocurrencies poses a substantial risk.

SpacePay (SPY) is on a mission to change this. The solution makes crypto a part of our everyday lives. It seamlessly integrates with standard card machines, effectively bridging the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies. 

Currently in its private beta phase, SpacePay is paving the way for crypto’s mainstream adoption. The comprehensive solution, once launched, will enable merchants, payment companies, and consumers to handle crypto transactions easily.


We’ve seen a myriad of cryptocurrencies emerge across various sectors over the last few years. They’re everywhere, from gaming and art to finance. Yet, their relevance is a mystery to the average person. 

People invest in cryptocurrencies hoping for a quick boost to their portfolio. Many cryptocurrency investors follow short-term strategies, as a result. That explains the highly erratic behaviour of cryptocurrencies like meme coins. 

Among the sea of speculative tokens vying for attention, SpacePay stands tall by providing tangible utility. Projects like SpacePay underpin the long-term sustainability of the crypto market.

325+ Wallets Supported for Widespread Adoption

There is a reason why SpacePay has earned significant attention from global strategic investors, raising an impressive $750,000 in a short period. 

By scanning SpacePay QR codes, shoppers can easily make crypto payments both online and offline. The transactions are smooth, efficient, and instant.


Unlike most crypto payment solutions that are limited to BTC, ETH, and SOL, SpacePay supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies across 325 wallets, including popular options like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, and Ledger Nano S.

SpacePay also offers competitive pricing. Merchants can integrate the platform at exceptionally low costs, while it is fee-free for users and payment companies.

SpacePay guards merchants from the high volatility of the crypto market. Merchants receive payouts in their preferred traditional currencies. The system makes it easier for businesses to adopt the solution and reach more new-generation users.

SpacePay Breaks the Mould

Anonymity often raises doubts within the crypto community. They hint at the lack of confidence and accountability of the team. The scepticism can negatively impact the token’s price action.

Being underpinned by a utility project with real-world relevance, SpacePay breaks this mould. 

Based in London, the project is led by founder Maxwell Bunting. The SpacePay team is public and actively engages with the community on social media platforms. Transparency builds a solid foundation of credibility for the project. 

Before the token launch, the SpacePay smart contract will undergo a thorough security audit by a trusted third-party firm. The project is committed to adhering to financial regulatory policies as well.  

SpacePay is projected to launch on over 4.5 million devices across nine nations this year. Its real-world application of blockchain technology has earned the project the prestigious “New Payment Platform of the Year” award at the CorporateLiveWire Global Awards 2022/23.

A Promising Road Ahead

SpacePay is preparing for a grand entry into the crypto market with its upcoming exchange listing. Prior to that, it is holding a presale of its native token $SPY. 

The development of a decentralised Near Field Communication (NFC) technology will be the focus of the roadmap in the first phase. The beta finalisation of SpacePay’s Payment APK is awaited. SpacePay is also launching an e-commerce API to integrate its payment solutions effortlessly into online merchant platforms.


When it comes to community building, SpacePay has implemented a revenue-sharing model that encourages long-term token holding with the promise of passive income. To further boost engagement, SpacePay will introduce loyalty incentives, airdrops, and participation rewards.

The ongoing SpacePay presale offers a limited-time opportunity to secure $SPY tokens at fixed, discounted prices.


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