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To commemorate the handling of “Aptos (APT)” for the first time in Japan, OKCoin Japan will hold the “APT Listing Commemoration Campaign! 50 people will win 2 APTs with X Forolipo!”

Aptos is a project that inherits the advanced technology of the global stablecoin project “Libra/Diem'', which was announced by Meta (formerly Facebook) in 2019 and attracted a lot of attention. In a sense, Libra/Diem failed due to backlash from regulatory authorities around the world due to its advanced and innovative nature, but a promising technology spun out of it. Aptos was developed and built on Move, a programming language that Facebook invested a lot of money into at the time.

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Aptos uses parallel processing, pipelines, and modular technology to enable secure and efficient transactions. It is characterized by faster transaction processing speed than traditional layer 1 blockchains. While various Layer 1 blockchains have appeared, it is the most advanced and attracts high expectations.

“Aptos is attracting worldwide attention as a layer 1 blockchain that uses a new programming language called Move.The native token, APT, is used for governance voting and staking rewards.OKCoinJapan is one of the leading Aptos main blockchains in Japan. It has become an online validator, and with this launch being the first in Japan, we will do everything in our power to further popularize APT, from strengthening the service to building a community and expanding the ecosystem.” Coin Japan Executive Officer and COO Daisuke Hakkaku)

OKCoin Japan will begin handling Aptos (APT) on February 26th at OKCoinJapan, a crypto asset (virtual currency) exchange operated by the company. The X campaign is your chance to get the much-talked-about Aptos. The application method is as follows.

■APT listing commemorative campaign! 50 people will win 2APT on X Followipo!

Participating in the campaign is easy. 2 APT will be given to 50 people selected by lottery from among the applicants who meet the following conditions.

・Those who follow OKCoinJapan's official X (formerly Twitter) account
・People who liked, reposted, or quoted the target campaign post

Application method

・STEP1: Follow OKCoinJapan's official X account (@OKCoinJapan).
・STEP 2: Like & repost or quote the target campaign post.

The details are quoted from the OKCoin Japan release below.

Campaign period

・Time when the target campaign post was posted ~ February 29, 2024 (Thursday) 17:00

Notification of winner

After the campaign period ends, the winners will be selected by lottery and will be contacted directly via X direct message (DM) from OKCoinJapan's X account.

The winners will be announced by contacting X's direct message (DM).

*Please be careful about fraudulent activities such as impersonation. Our company will not contact you from any account other than OKCoinJapan's official X account (@OKCoinJapan).
*We will provide instructions on how to receive the prize when we contact you (DM) that you have won.
*Winners will need an OKCoinJapan account to receive APT.

Application conditions

・Those who have an X account (private accounts are not eligible)
・Those who agree to the notes regarding this campaign

Notes on campaigns
*This campaign is subject to change, termination, or extension of period without prior notice.
*If the applicant is a minor, please apply with the consent of a guardian.
*We cannot respond to inquiries regarding the lottery results.
*This campaign is independently run by our company and is not affiliated with X Corp.
*X Corp. does not accept inquiries regarding this campaign.
*X and its logo are trademarks of X Corp.
*If any of the following apply between the campaign application and the lottery, you will not be eligible.
・People who unfollowed our official X account
・Those who deleted the repost of the target post
・Those who have set their X account to private
・Those who have set their settings not to receive direct messages from our company.
・Those who cannot receive direct messages (DM) from our company due to their own X account being frozen or deleted.

*We are not responsible for any content posted by applicants on X, including posts about this campaign, or any troubles that may arise between applicants and third parties related to this.
*If you win using an unauthorized account that violates X's terms of use (a fictitious account, an account impersonating another person, multiple accounts owned by the same person, etc.), your win will be invalidated.
*If you have opened an account with us in the past and have already canceled your account, you will not be eligible.
*Spoofing, name lending, etc. will not be covered if the Company determines that the person is not the actual person.
*Please note that we may not be able to meet your request when opening an account based on our screening criteria.

《Precautions when using crypto assets》
○Crypto assets are not “legal currencies” whose value is guaranteed by the government like the Japanese yen or dollar. Electronic data exchanged over the Internet.
○The price of crypto assets may fluctuate. The price of crypto assets may plummet and you may incur losses.
○Crypto asset exchange companies must register with the Financial Services Agency/Financial Bureau. When using it, please check with the registered business or the website of the Financial Services Agency/Financial Bureau.
○When trading crypto assets, the business you intend to use will explain the details of the transaction and risks (price fluctuation risk, cyber security risk, etc.), including whether the business has been subject to administrative sanctions from the Financial Services Agency or Local Finance Bureau. Please read and fully understand the following.
○Consultations regarding crypto assets and fraudulent coins are increasing. Please be careful of scams and malicious business practices that take advantage of the popularity of crypto assets or take advantage of the introduction of crypto asset exchange businesses.
○Crypto assets can be used for payment of compensation only with the consent of the person receiving compensation.

Trade name: OK Coin Japan Co., Ltd.
Registration number: Cryptocurrency exchange operator Kanto Local Finance Bureau No. 00020
Member Association: Japan Crypto Asset Exchange Association

|Text: CoinDesk JAPAN Advertisement Production Team
|Image: From the release

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